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Kate is a Zookid!

Shortly before we left for Tennessee I got the heads up about an open call for kids to be "Zookids" for the Woodland Park Zoo. Kate wrote a short essay and we sent it in literally the day before we left. She got a call-back to audition Thursday after we got back.

She was very nervous about the tryouts. She wrote and practiced delivering a one-minute speech in her own words that included lines like "If I had a super power it would be to talk to and turn into animals." :) The zoo had over 40 kids try out and selected 10. We got the word last night that Kate was among those chosen. Over the next year these kids will be junior spokespeople for the Zoomazium.

There's a little bit about the Zoomazium here.

The first meeting is August 11th! Thankfully, Kate was already going to be in town with me anyway. We'll be spending the day at the zoo where she'll be going through orientation, will tour the "Zoomazium" construction site, get fitted for her little uniform, etc. She's going to be SO excited. I'm excited for her!


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Yay, Kate! You rock! You are going to be the best Zookid ever and I hope you get those super-powers eventually...

SK (stevekenson@verizon.net)

Anonymous Dr John K Says:

Congratulations to Kate--I'm sure it will be both a thrill and an honor. (And, it looks like it's a fairly cute uniform they get, too, which is always a plus.)


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