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And then my job smacked me in the face

One hour. I've been back "at work" for ONE HOUR.

I'm sure there are wonderful, fun, creative people out there who are having fun with the games we design. I'm SURE of it, we sell thousands upon thousands of games and keep selling them... but unfortunately for me I don't hear from those people. I hear from the 20 total assholes. They're the same assholes, who rob the joy and fun out of everything they touch. No game can ever be "just" fun: it must be a realistic simulation of an actual historical battle or it must contain a detailed reconstruction of the economic system of Rennaisance Europe and the player characters can never allowed to be special or succeed or have even one advantage or else it's "broken" and we're "stupid" and "don't understand the IP" (regardless of being either the people who CREATED the IP or working hand in glove with them) and they're going to cry and threaten and slander and boycott and spew hateful, presumptuous garbage about everything we touch from now until they lock onto some other imaginary slight we or some other hapless designers commit against them. Is there nothing that will stop their incessant braying?

Why, oh why do they waste their energies and focus their misanthropic attentions on our fantasy worlds? Why aren't they angry about real injustice in the world they live in? Why aren't they out there protesting against hunger and disease and poverty, exploitation, taxation, ANYTHING? Better yet, why am I not out there doing something for the greater good, spending *my* limited lifetime contributing to society instead of trying in vain to please these assholes?


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Blogger Jason Says:

As someone who has consistently enjoyed your work, let me once more thank you for taking the time and effort to produce game products that are head and shoulder above the crowd both in quality and attention to detail.

You and Chris are both heroes in my books for everday facing the ugliness in the business to produce quality pearls to toss before the swine. Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Apparently I understand the IP - but I'm horribly flawed because I don't give two shits about a giant's strength in relation to a human's. ;)

Real injustice means they may be called upon to actually "do" something other than bitching, which is, of course, right of the question.


Anonymous James Wallis Says:

I bet I can name every single one of the Warhammer FRP asshats too.

Blogger Aaron Says:

Just try to remember that for every 1 of the asshats who don't have real-worlds in which obligations like jobs, families, and friends, would keep them from spending their time 24-7 whining about their every whim, there are 20 of us Non-asshats out here with those obligations who don't have time to give you the constant support, gratitude, and reassurance we feel towards you.

In other words, She-Who-Is-Respected-And-Has-Friends-And-Supporters, Illegitimi non carborundum.

See ya at Gencon.

Anonymous Lisa W Says:


I was reading Lynda's blog when I remember you have one also. Looked up my bookmarks and jumped over to it. Thanks for all the nice comments about Tennessee. Sorry to read that after such a great time with us the a**holes in your business have allowed you to sink again. Being in the tech business I sure can relate to how some people can ruin your day.


Blogger Alan Kellogg Says:


Don't have everything you've produced. What I do have I've liked. Even when I disagree with how GR handles something I figure, I can always change it, or it's how things work in that particular world.

Which last leads to, how could people take advantage of this, and how do I make them pay for it?

Blogger John Wick Says:

To be completely ruthless:

"As long as you're buying it, I don't give a single flying fuck what you think."




"Nope. Still not a single flying fuck."


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