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Arrived with no troubles. Spent six hours at the waterpark today with one other early-arriving mom and her nine-year old son. Got sunburned despite applying sunscreen twice at the park, but it's minor. Bought additional sun screen as well as pain killing ointment.

Picked up another mom and her daughter at the airport, got a bizarre call from a mom who asked me to pick up the only member (now former) of our group that I'm known not to care for. Prank? Joke? Horrible mistake? Who knows. I did not see or pick up this woman, but three hours later received a second phone call saying the woman is still at the airport and angry. Har har. Whether she is or isn't, it's not my problem.

Dinner at Cracker Barrel with five moms, seven kids and one husband, who looks like Christopher Eccleston. The group gets bigger by far tomorrow, when we can all check into our chalet. Ironically, the Christian mom of our group was telling us that she'd had to warn her daughter (who has been brought up to believe drinking alcohol is capital E evil) that some of our friends would be drinking alcohol at the get together, but she was pretty sure we weren't evil; I had a similar conversation with Kate, preparing her for the fact that some of the kids at this event are strict Christians who go to church and believe in God. Wouldn't you know it, my daughter and her daughter became best friends over dinner tonight.

In other news, I got the word today that Kate has been selected to audition to be a Zookid at Woodland Park Zoo. Her audition is shortly after we get back to town; this girl has never wavered from her stated desire to grow up to be a zoo keeper, I think she'd be a great Zookid. We'll find out when we get back to town.


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Blogger Liz Says:

Hi, just stumbled upon your blog. Zookids sounds like a great program... I would have loved something like that when I was a kid!

Blogger Kat Says:

ROFL! I saw Dr. Who the other night, and agree that John looks like him. Then I saw the pic you posted, and totally laughed! Will have to show that to him! Heck, I think it's a sexy photo, maybe I should take one of John looking like that!

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I came home and was clicking back and forth between the pic I posted and the pick of John with sleeping Rusty from the GT. I totally saw the resemblence, glad you don't think I'm crazy. :)


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