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Miss Katherine

Picked up Kate yesterday, and she was all hugs and kisses and talk of how she'd missed me. She cracked me up when she prefaced the announcement that she's started eating tomatoes in the last two weeks with, "I know you're going to say 'Who are you and what have you done with my daughter, but...'".

She baked and decorated cupcakes with her step-mom and had carefully carried it all the way from Vancouver to show it to me. She was quite proud, especially since her cupcakes were far superior to the health-food store cupcakes her step-mom had made and served to guests (who admitted they didn't much like them). Apparently Kate made a sign and posted it in front of the remaining faux cupcakes that read "BEWARE: Keep away or pay the ultimate price!"

Walking from the Flexcar to our house we passed her friend Flo's grandmother's house, bedecked with balloons. "Oh, it's Flo's birthday," she exclaimed. "I'll stop and give her my cupcake!" This turned into an invitation to the birthday party, which was extended into an invitation to sleep over. The girl who couldn't wait to see me, who missed me "so much" while she was in Canada trotted off for a sleepover after being in town less than 15 minutes. We haven't seen her since.

Tomorrow we leave for the airport and our Pigeon Forge reunion/get together at 4:30am! I'm the organizer for this group get together, and have spent the last 10 months investigating, planning and reserving this event. Hell, I feel like I could almost start doing this kind of organizing for a living after the intensive 10-month work-study program I've undertaken. Heh. I've collected the deposits from 21 families, signed the paperwork for the rental of the chalet, investigated possible excursions to keep the 20 nine-year-olds and their assorted siblings entertained, tried to organize group tickets, worked out meal plans, la la la. I even sat down with the floorplan for the chalet and organized families into rooms so no one need worry about where their family is supposed to sleep and there won't be any jockeying for "prime" room positions or any of that nonsense. Now I get to go enjoy the fruits of my labors!


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