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Edgy t-shirt update

I've received a correction from a reader who was involved in the conversation about the edgy Christian t-shirts. I came into the conversation in the middle. One particular t-shirt that was discussed was Body Piercing Saved My Life which isn't really my style now but which I probably would have thought was really the shiznit when I was attending Christian youth group rallies and Christian rock concerts. And honestly, that one is better than Read Between the Lines, Love Hurts, or the bloody cross images of the various Jesus Beat the Devil with a Big Stick shirts.

I should also note that while I did mentally attribute the likely defacer of the Kill Doctor Lucky box to one of our more religious kids, it could well have been one of the "hippie values" anti-violence household kids. These kids are nine. They're just getting the hang of applying their black and white beliefs to the shades of gray in the world. Kate and I have discussions like this all the time. I don't think it was malicious at all, I'm convinced it was aa child acting on sincere belief.

Might have more to say, but I've got to recover from this trip before I try again.


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