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Pramas posted recently about the excitement in the alley while I was out of town. Yesterday I did a little sleuthing, since the Seattle Police couldn't be bothered to do it, and after less than half an hour I had a lead on the owner of the golf clubs Pramas recovered. By the end of the day we'd made contact with the man and he'd gratefully come over to pick up his clubs.

I was particularly appalled to hear that Mr. Kessler's car had recently been stolen (and a police report filed) because it seems to me that knowledge would have made returning the clubs that much easier. In cop shows, the police are always going back to their desks, punching the name of some victim into their computers and finding out all sorts of things, leading them to, you know, solve crimes... In our case, we had Officer Mirror Shades (complete with night stick up his ass) and Officer Paunch (the amiable but donut-loving stereotype) and neither of them were at all interested in the recovered property, let alone catching the perpetrators.

Instead, I used the internets and returned the clubs to a nice 88-year-old man who was already waiting for the police to do something about the crime that had been committed on him. He kept saying "I can't believe this, it's amazing." It just seemed like a tiny little effort to make on my part. Score one for Nikchick, P.I.


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Blogger Alan Kellogg Says:


The next time you run across uncaring cops, blog about them. Get their badge numbers and give them a bit of online exposure.

Do the same for cops who care. Celebrate those who work hard to solve crimes and put criminals away.

Let those in authority know they are being watched.

Anonymous Dr John K Says:

Do you get a Mike Post and Pete Carpenter theme song for that?


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