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Salty's & Sunburn

Joined the gang for brunch at Salty's on Saturday. I'd never been, despite the high recommendations from "Brunch for Life" winner Wolf Baur. I just rarely ever get over to West Seattle. It was most excellent: oysters on the half-shell, chilled crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, steamed mussels and clams, bagels with lox and cream cheese or salmon spread, paella, eggs benedict, prime rib, made to order omelets, waffles, a fountain of chocolate fondue and things to dip in it, and a crazy huge dessert bar (lemon tarts, key lime pie, rhubarb pie, red velvet cake, chocolate everything, you name it). As a brunch buffet should be! (Vegas would be jealous.) Really good, highly recommended.

Walked in the sun along the beach of West Seattle for miles. Didn't expect to be out in the sun so long, so of course I came home sunburned, but at least I haven't blistered. I've been paranoid about blistering since the year I blistered my shoulders after an afternoon on the lake... I did manage to get my camera to recognize all of my media cards, so I was able to snap some shots on our walk for the first time in many months. I did have to finally give up trying to salvage any of the photos from those cards, but I'm making the effort to keep my camera on me when I go out now that it's functional again.

Have been struck with headaches four consecutive days now, but I can't put my finger on a common trigger. Kinked neck? Clenching my teeth in my sleep maybe? I sure would like to be headache free next week. I pick Kate up from Mark's tomorrow morning, and leave for Tennessee at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning. I hate to roll into my mom-list "reunion" with 20 9-year-olds and assorted siblings with a headache already in effect. Ug.


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