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bastards of young
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"We are the sons of no one, bastards of

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Love that song...


London for the Weekend

Arrived yesterday. James met us at St. Pancras and we took a short hop up to Borough Market where we met up with John Kovalic. A bit of coffee, a bit of cheese, a few sausages and some hard cider later and we took a stroll along the Thames, looked at a few landmarks and had a pint with John before heading off to James and Cat's place, where they cooked us dinner and didn't mind that I collapsed in their spare room at the relatively sane hour of 10:30 or something.

Chris and I headed out to do some museum hopping today, including taking in the Turkish exhibit at the Royal Academy and a tour of the Museum of London, with a stop for Sunday Tea at Fortnum & Mason.

We had some delish fish & chips and watched some Top Gear. (Never seen it before but WOW, that was fun.)

Tomorrow we're off to the RAF Museum during the day and meeting up with Angus and Sasha sometime tomorrow evening. It's off to the airport bright and early Tuesday morning...


Ah, England...

Our trip so far has been wonderfully productive and aside from a few bumps (like not having our luggage for the first two days of our stay) it's been smooth and enjoyable. It's been just fantastic to see old friends and put names to faces with newer members of the Black Industries team.

Every time I come over I'm in love with little things, like the tea and digestive biscuits reliably left in our hotel room or the oddball "fashion" channel (one of 10 channels in the hotel room, on which at any time of the day or night you can watch famine-victim fashion models strolling runways), or how Bill Hicks is a household name.

I've had few sleep disturbances this time and have pretty much adapted to the time change without any trouble. I've also had amazingly bizarre and vivid dreams. One night I dreamed that I was in a land under strict Islamic rule and was walking the street in a veil and associated garb on the way to collect my mail, when who should I bump into but John Kovalic. Much of the dream was spent trying to figure out how I (a woman alone on the street without my husband) could greet and talk to John without bringing retribution upon us both, how to invite him back to the house so Chris could also see him, how to get him back to his hotel since he didn't know the way, I knew the way but wasn't allowed to drive him and Chris was allowed to be out with John but couldn't drive. Ah, much police-state hilarity ensued, let me tell you. Another night it was a dream that involved my friend Evan's one-year-old daughter, a pool party, and jumping in fully clothed to the deep end of the pool to retrieve dropped baby toys.

Today we wrap up our meetings and tomorrow head back to London. The delightful James Wallis is putting us up at his flat for a few days and we have tentative plans to perhaps meet up with Angus and Sasha for a last hurrah on Monday night.


Ach, mein Tivo ist kaput!

Pramas informed me that the Tivo is constantly resetting itself. Trying to watch recorded programs results in stuttering and stalled output, then a system restart. Casual Googling on the problem leads me to believe this means HD failure.

We've only had the thing 14 months, damn it.

I had it all set up to record all my favorite shows while we're away in England, double damn it!!


Have you ever noticed?

When someone says, "I wouldn't presume to tell you how to run your business..." they inevitably follow up by doing just that?

On a similar note, does anyone really think the proper response to being held to your deadline on a contract is, "But isn't that just an arbitrary date? Surely you're not going to hold people to that!"?




My Tivo schedule includes:

Nero Wolfe
Good Eats
Law & Order
Animal Cops
Nanny 911
America's Test Kitchen
Teen Titans
The Daily Show

Tivo suggests all sorts of shows that I might like, but it seems that it presumes that I will like things for the wrong reasons. I like Nanny 911, but I don't generally enjoy reality shows and I have no interest in watching The Apprentice or Survivor or The Littlest Groom or whatever is passing for reality television these days. I like Law & Order but dislike its spin-offs like Law & Order: Criminal Intent or : Special Victims Unit. I like Animal Cops, but Tivo doesn't suggest Emergency Vets or Venom ER (I have to remember to watch those on my own).

Instead of relying on Tivo to suggest shows I might enjoy, I turn to you, gentle readers: what television would you recommend I program the ol' Tivo to record for me?


The Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys


I need a little of this myself these days...


And the Winner is...

Helvetica Fractions.


Address Book is now working correctly.

iJournal still turns my post to Greek when I ask for an HTML preview, but none of the webpages I regularly visit seem to be affected, so I can live with that a while longer I guess.


Calling All Mac Gurus

I've been having a heck of a time with my laptop displaying some websites and other documents in the wrong fonts, like Greek or numbers or just garbled fonts that I don't recognize. I'm on a Mac, was using OS X 10.1

I've upgraded to 10.3, I uninstalled then reinstalled Office X, I've run Font Finagler and Deep Six, I've used Font Book to disable duplicate fonts, I don't know what else to do.

The websites are annoying, though Revland is no longer displaying as Greek the sites I Googled for information on font display problems with OS X do. Ug. The thing that's pissing me off at the moment, though, is Address Book is displaying all my contact information as numbers. When I cut and paste the information into a different program (like cutting it into an Entourage message) what displayed as numbers in Address Book appears correctly as the name or address of the person.

Hell, just trying to do an HTML preview of this very post in iJournal turns the whole entry to Greek, when it shows up perfectly clearly when I'm typing, no problem.

Anyone know what the hell is going on with my Mac? Or, more importantly, what to do to fix it??



I just killed a wasp that was flying around in my kitchen.

It's 33 degrees outside. Where the hell did this wasp come from?

I do not like the implications...


Tsunami Story

My friend Heidi is the mom of a daughter Kate's age and a son in his early teens. Friends of hers from when the kids were in preschool have been spending the year traveling around the world with their children. They have been sending reports back to their community by e-mail. As New Hampshirites, one thing they new they wanted was to spend Christmas in a tropical climate, and reported that on Christmas Day they'd found the perfect spot and were enjoying their holiday in a thatched hut on the beach.

Read the story of their tsunami experience here.


Heaven Help Me

Kate has discovered the telephone. Not only has she tied up the phone constantly for the last two nights, but her little friends are leaving voice messages for her as well. "Katherine? Are you there? Pick up the phone... I know you're there, we were just talking...."

When I asked her what she was spending so much time talking about, she clutched the phone to her chest and said, rather indignantly, "Stuff!"

::sigh:: She's not even a teenager yet!