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Tennessee again

Busy wonderful day here at our get together. Our 21 families are getting along so well together, I'm SO pleased. The kids are all just fantastic and getting along great. There's not a child here who has been excluded or who hasn't found at least one other kid to bond with. The moms, every one of them, has been so helpful, so fun, so flexible... it's like seeing 21 dear members of my family. Met four husbands I'd never met before and reconnected with one I hadn't seen for years. Great guys, all of them!

We've gotten in some horse riding and made the most of our three-day pass to the water park. Haven't made use of the hot tubs yet personally (although the kids have really been enjoying them). The chalet is off in the woods, and the cicadas are loud but the tree frogs are louder! Oh man, it's cool.

Tonight I grilled about 20 pounds of chicken for our group. There are enough of us here that after we took two vans and teams of three people to go shopping and brought back groceries for everyone in the chalet, once we divided the bill amongst everyone it was $25 each for all the food for the weekend! Awesome! And we've got people enough that everything gets done (garbage out, dishes washed, meals cooked, children fed/bandaged/disciplined). I can't express how much I wish I lived nearer so I could see these families more often.


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