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Durham Sunday

We had a pretty free day yesterday, with nothing much on the schedule but for one seminar called "Cast Your Lots" to which all the gaming guests were supposed to come. Unfortunately, that seminar was not listed on the daily events list, so when we showed up for it there were no attendees.

Chris and I took the opportunity to try out another nearby restaurant that had been recommended by Steve Long, Fowler's Food and Wine. Despite near record temperatures here in Durham (95 degrees, 96 was the record from 1980-something) I didn't find the walk unpleasant at all. I did find it strange that the city streets seemed nearly deserted, but it probably has something to do with church-going culture, it being Sunday and all.

Fowler's is a foodie paradise. The front of the shop is a gourmet food and wine store, the back is a deli restaurant. This weekend was a Bastille Day-themed sale on French wines and cheeses. Definitely best for my budget that I don't live nearby enough to take advantage of the sale!

I cooled off with a bowl of gazpacho and the "ploughman's platter" (three kinds of cheese, shaved ham and baguette slices with mustard and ginger-pear chutney) and Chris had the "paté platter" (brie, olives, gherkins, paté, and sausage with baguette slices). We shared a large, stoppered bottle of French lemonade. A four-piece band called The Duke Street Dogs played peppy old-style jazz and folk, complete with stand-up bass (love the stand up bass!). The atmosphere was great, very summery, very picnic-like (despite being inside).

In fact, I think I'm going to head back over there for lunch right now before we catch the shuttle to the airport. Too good to pass up! Might even have a chance to investigate the large bookstore Steve Long pointed us toward; he tells us it's organized by publisher which seems like an organizational scheme too wacky to not to investigate a little.

Home on a late flight tonight.


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Blogger BeK Says:

I've been to Durham a number of times, and I believe the reason the downtown area is deserted is...nobody lives there.

Head outside town, though, and you'll see lots and lots o' condos. They've even got one of those outdoor, neighborhood-y malls that seem to be all the rage.

Anonymous John Says:


I just read your post about the gazpacho that cooled you off at Fowler's in Durham,NC.

I am the chef at Fowler's and I made that Gazpacho.

I'm happy that you enjoyed it and I hope you make it back in soon.




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