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Best $10 Dinner Ever!

Pramas and I went out to dinner with a gift certificate that his parents sent for his birthday. Between conventions and having Kate, it's now almost a month past his birthday and we've only just barely been able to squeeze it in.

We went to The Brooklyn, for which we had a coupon for one free weeknight dinner entree. Doing our best to squeeze every bit out of the experience, we showed up for the tail end of Happy Hour. I had the house chardonnay, Chris had some Bombay sapphire and tonic, and we shared an order of beef carpaccio and half a dozen oysters.

Moving on to dinner, we shared an appetizer of Oysters Brooklyn (oven roasted with wild mushrooms,
brandy, herbs, cream, and garlic, total yum) and the Hudson Valley Foie Gras Terrine that came as a terrine of duck liver and black mission figs, served with yuzu and red onion marmalade, a medley of cornichons and sweet gherkins, dwarf green peaches, stone ground mustard and brioche toasts. Sadly the foie gras had a strange alcoholic marinade, possibly sherry, that gave a bitter cast to the dish and completely overpowered the delicate, smooth fattiness of the foie gras. Chris and I both felt it ruined the dish. Happily, that was the only sour note of the whole meal.

Chris had the Filet Roquefort (tenderloin medallions pan-seared to a perfect medium, finished with wild mushroom, port wine, garlic, basil bleu cheese demi-glace). He was going to save me a bite, but the steak was so good he forgot! I had the Roasted Portabella (stuffed with aged Gouda, roasted walnut, shallot, wild mushroom duxelles, served with grilled zucchini, red bell peppers, braised greens, pickled beets on parmesan-sage polenta cake finished with watercress oil and balsamic vinegar-honey reduction). Really, really good!

We topped off by sharing a vanilla creme brulee with fresh berries and a cup of coffee. After our coupon and gift money, only had to throw in $10 for the tip! We hopped the bus back to the house and were home and fully sated by 8:30.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Darn, now I'm hungry...
- SK

Blogger J.D. Says:

One of our best dinners ever was at The Brooklyn. We went with a couple friends. I had a big-ass steak (and entire pound!). It was awesome.

Anonymous M Jason Parent Says:


Now I am *STARVED*


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