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Trinoc*con Day 1

Even here the pattern holds: Chris can't fall asleep until late and I wake up too early. At least when we can sleep the Marriott beds are wickedly comfortable. We did a couple of seminars yesterday and then went to a meet and greet for the guests where the con organizer accidentally tripped over one of my peeves. As an industry professional in my own right, I really dislike being introduced as "Chris's wife." At the opening ceremonies, Chris was invited to "introduce his wife" which just makes me cringe. I hate for peoples' first impressions of me to be "Oh, it's his wife." I had a career in the game industry before I ever met Chris and I've done a few things on my own; I'd rather not be introduced at all than be off the bat tossed into the "wife" category. I know they were trying to be nice, it's my own hang-up, but still...sigh.

Had a chance to talk a bit with fellow gaming guests Dustin Clingman and Dave Arneson from Zeitgeist Games and spent a little time chatting with Cerebral Hobbies' Steve Nicewarner (from whom I hope to buy a copy of the new Harry Potter book today) before catching author Joe Lansdale's Q&A and a showing of Bubba Ho-Tep. Lansdale was fun and funny, it's clear he's done this before and he was comfortable in front of the audience. When problems with the film caused the soundto cut out for a minute or two before someone could be summoned to correct the problem, Pramas wise-cracked "If only the author were here to narrate for us!" which cracked up our little section of the theater (and which I'm sure Lansdale heard, sitting only a row or two behind us). Smartass Pramas!

I noticed this morning that Monte Cook let vent a little about one of his peeves, D20 designers who "bash" D&D (in public or in private) but then turn around and release D20 material. I've got a breakfast meeting in 20 minutes for which I must prepare, so I don't have time just now to go into my thoughts on the subject but it's definitely a subject on which I have a few opinions myself. Maybe I'll have a chance to get back to it later.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I know several programers who've designed award winning aps for Windows that wouldn't piss on its code if it was on fire, metaphorically speaking.


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Is this anything like game designers who publicly bash the ENnie Awards, and then cheerfully go up to the podium to accept the ones your products win?


Blogger Nikchick Says:

Yes, Spike, I suspect it's a little like that.

Anonymous Dr John K Says:

When you and Chris speak together on a panel, you should ask the moderator to present you first, and then refer to Chris as "Nicole's husband". Turnabout is fair play, is it not?


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