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Digger Update

The small animal vet was great, very sympathetic to our emotional attachment to little Digger. She was very respectful of our efforts on Digger's behalf, and called us to say that Digger had won over the entire staff. By this evening he was doing better but not out of the woods. Still, he was definitely improved from the near-death condition we'd left him in.

We got the thumbs up to come get him, and got instructions for his care. He's a pretty pathetic sight, but his little whiskers are still twitching. He's had fluids, antibiotics, and a nap on a hot water bottle. We're to give him more antibiotics twice a day, and we're feeding him baby food and water with a tiny little syringe every 2-3 hours until he gets his strength back.

Still no telling what's going on inside the poor little guy. Could be kidney failure or other neurological disorder happening inside, but at least we're doing what we can. Kate's greatly comforted that we have even a little time left with the little fella.


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