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Hamster Sadness

Poor Digger. Kate came up to see him this morning and we briefly thought he'd passed on to Hamster Heaven. Totally lethargic, breathing with difficulty, so dehydrated that his little body already seemed stiff and solid. Kate wept for him, thinking he was dead, then we realized he's not quite dead yet.

I've never been one to abide suffering animals, even when they're insignificant to others. I know it seems ridiculous to pay emergency vet fees for a $29 rodent, but I could see no other option. I'm the one who drove across town looking for someone to rescue the injured crow Kate found, and Kate's run-in with the school and the "evil church lady" over the injured pigeon at her school is now infamous among our friends. We must do what we can for a suffering pet.

We tried the nearest vet to our house, but they couldn't handle small animals, just not set up for it. They referred us to a small animal hospital in Renton, who saw us as an emergency case. They've got Digger now, are giving him fluids and keeping him comfortable. Chances are we're not going to be able to revive him, likely his kidneys are shutting down, but as long as he lingers on the edge of life we feel we must at least try to care for him. They'll let us know tonight if he's got another chance at life or if we're taking him home to bury him alongside Silky, our "live fast, die young" non-conformist hamster. I've told Kate to prepare for the worst.


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