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How did it get to be Wednesday?

Every so often I look around and realize that days have passed in a blur and I barely know what happened. If I didn't have a husband and child to look after me, I sometimes wonder if I would just go all absent-minded professor and forget to eat or sleep entirely.

Monday the gang gathered to support Kate's efforts at the end of the year reading the writer's club at her school gives. Kate's read a sweet little poem about the city, all of five or six lines long, but she did really well. Considering how much trouble she's had reading and writing to this point, it was a pretty big moment for her and she was so proud to see so many of her adult friends there cheering her on. Some of the kids were so quiet and shy they could barely be heard, others were complete and total hams. Kate was somewhere right in the middle.

School is now out for the summer and amidst my usual jobs I'm also juggling prep for Origins, shipment of new products, and planning a "half-birthday" party for the kiddo (because it was just too hard to do the party in December this year). Ug. Absolutely nothing coherent to say, I feel like I'm in a zombie state.

I made myself feel better by making some chocolate chip bread pudding.


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