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Origins Wrap up

Well, it's over and good riddance, I must say. Last year's show was much better for Green Ronin than Origins 2005. Mutants & Masterminds 2E demos were well received, Blue Rose sold well, people are very excited about Thieves' World, but traffic in the dealer's hall remained thin throughout the show and our staff spent a lot of the show just biding time. We're simply too busy with active projects to justify four days of thumb twiddling. It's not like we haven't given Origins quite a bit of time and attention over the years; it just always seems like its potential is out of reach, just around the corner, never materializing.

Tomorrow it's back to our respective home bases.


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Blogger Will Says:

Here's something: I just this weekend managed to watch the last two episodes of Deadwood's first season, which you had been telling me about at Origins last year in the food court at midnight or some damn thing. I can't believe that was a year ago. Nothing is the same as it was back then!

Sorry to hear Origins wasn't a treat for you all. Even if, as a company, it wasn't better than last year, I'll but it actually still managed to suck less for you than last year did, huh?


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