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Ready for Summer

I am SO ready for summer weather. We had an unusually warm and dry early spring, and by March the governor had declared a drought emergency.

I started joking a month ago that it had rained every day since the drought announcement.

I'm no longer joking about it... A quick look at statistics for April, May, and June so far show that it's not just my imagination. April ended more than an inch above normal rainfall, and 17 days of rain. May ended with one and a half inches more rainfall than normal, 16 days of rain, and only 5 purely "sunny" days. June is again trending above normal for precipitation, and every day so far this month has been at least partly cloudy if not more.

One thing I've always said about the Seattle area is that it follows the seasons: if the calendar says Spring you look around Seattle and see flowers and trees blooming, green grass, wispy white clouds in the blue sky; when the calendar says summer it's gorgeous, temperate, blue skies and sunshine; then the calendar says autumn it's falling leaves and cool air, foggy dampness. Winter is dark and rainy, but if I want snow the mountains are less than an hour away.

This year has not been like that and frankly, I'm really tired of it. Three months of above average rainfall in a typically rainy city is enough for me, thanks. Bring on the sun and the barbecues and the trips to the ocean, please.


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