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Set Up Day

Chris and Kate and I made it to Ohio unscathed, despite figuring out that we were leaving for Columbus at 12:20am Tuesday morning, not 12:20 Wednesday morning. Frantic phone calls were made and hotel rooms for the correct nights were secured, nothing incredibly crucial was left undone, we made it to the airport in plenty of time. A brief layover and overly-long trek through the Houston airport broke the trip into two segments. (A pre-recorded message in playing in Houston reminded us that "inappropriate comments or jokes" about airport security would be considered threats to safety and "could result in arrest"; Kate asked what that was all about, that was an interesting converstation.)

Got the Green Ronin booth all set up before the rest of the team arrived, and now we're just getting cleaned up before dinner. A booming thunderstorm has kicked up, lots of lightning and thunder but not much rain so far. Spike, Mary and Miranda are in the room right next door, which is very convenient for little girls dying to play together.

Tonight, yummy Japanese Steak House. Tomorrow, working the booth.


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