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New Keyboard

I am typing this from my new and considerably quieter keyboard. I've managed to blow up two keyboards this month. Granted they were older, well-used keyboards, but in both cases the keys were very noisy and in both cases the spacebar became very sticky and difficult to use. Even more common than the letter E, there's a space after every single word I type. Having to mash down the key three or four times before a space appeared, or just having to apply considerable force for each key stroke was about to drive me completely out of my mind.

I was afraid to buy anything cheap or generic, so went with a Microsoft model that has more bells and whistles than I would ever use. Apparently I can program this thing to do everything but make me a latte in the morning. Honestly, all I want it to do is type, smoothly, quietly, gently. And it does.

I'm much relieved. It's amazing how much stress can build up from such a little thing.


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Anonymous James Says:

There was a thread... somewhere... recently about cleaning keyboards, and the general consensus was that dishwashers were it. Yeah, I boggled too. But apparently if you use a low heat and no detergent and your keyboard's not rubbish to start with and you check the filter for keys that have been knocked off in the process, it works like a charm.

Dishwashers also very good for poaching foil-wrapped salmon, I understand. I wouldn't know: I have a sink and a bottle of Fairy Liquid.


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