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Home Exhausted

Flew home yesterday evening, through Houston. We're flying through Houston half a dozen times this summer on our way elsewhere. Kate desperately wants to stay overnight so we might have a chance to visit the Houston SPCA (girl watches too much Animal Planet).

We took off from Houston after dark and all across the rest of the country we passed over communities and their fireworks displays. We flew into Seattle and saw fireworks blooming across the whole region, the airport was surrounded by fireworks displays as we landed, about 11pm.

It took us until 1am to get our luggage and get our reserved shuttle home because all the cabs and shuttles had been trapped in the post-fireworks traffic in downtown and couldn't get back to the airport! I'd been up since 6am Eastern time and was just dead.

Finally got home to the mini-crisis of Digger the Hamster having escaped from his cage at some point during the week. Kate was inconsolable, sobbing "I should have been a better owner...I should have had a babysitter..." poor thing. Chris and I both worried that the little guy had gotten out early in the week and we'd find him dead of dehydration behind a bookcase or something. Finally heard him moving around under the sofa and when I looked underneath and called to him he came right to me. Poor, sad, sick little hamster! He was clearly dehydrated, and one of his eyes was stuck closed with goop. He seemed so weak, we just put him back in his cage under his water bottle and gave him a fresh sugar snap pea to nibble. After a long drink, he weakly made the rounds of his cage and tunnels and then curled up under the water bottle to sleep. Seems better this morning, but still weak.

After the hamster crisis, we got to bed around 3:00am and the phone began ringing this morning around 7:00! SO TIRED. Must go out and get food, as our bread molded and milk spoiled while we were away. Also noticed that someone broke the outer pane of one of our double-paned side windows...they're small and 8 feet above the ground on the side yard. Chris wonders if someone was trying to break in, but I prefer to believe it was someone screwing around in the park. Either way, I'll have to get that fixed now too.


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