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GenCon Saturday

My GenCon experience continues apace. Saturday started with me meeting an old friend and Ars Magica cohort for coffee, as has become something of a tradition. Always fun and a good way to kick off Saturday, though this year was particularly free of griping because I've had the sense to distance myself from GAMA politics and other asshattery that in other years encroached on our coffee hour.

Saturday at the booth continued to be good. We had the impression that it was "slow" (which, for GenCon means perhaps only a quarter again a good traffic day at a con like Origins) but in looking at the day's receipts we still did some good business. The cash register, however, is completely screwed up for reasons unknown and the report showed that we made $54,935 yesterday. Totally false to the point of being hysterical. Boy, a show that could earn us $55K for a day's work would have my undying loyalty as an exhibitor, I swear. Ha.

During the day a handful of people stopped by to let us know we'd made the paper. The Indiana Star interviewed Steve Kenson and myself (along with some other industry folks). The article appears online.

After a brief business meeting with the team (resolving one issue and leaving another to be considered on the tree of woe), we joined a feakishly large gathering of gaming professionals for dinner at the same restaurant we were at on Wednesday night. "See you tomorrow!" called the waitstaff as we left. During dinner I found myself next to the inestimable Matt Forbeck, Christian Moore (now wheeling and dealing in Las Vegas) and Scott Glancey from Pagan Publishing.

Even though the day had already been long, I rallied and headed out to the White Wolf party. I've been saying all convention that I've been having a great time and this year's White Wolf party just pushed "good time" into the stratosphere. Great venue and I got to hang out with so many old friends. I'm in a place in my life now where I can look back on some really awful times, recognize with some degree of honesty what my own faults are and not feel bitterness or sadness or regret. Talked for a long time with several people I never see anymore and hung with some others who I do see more often and just adore. The crowd were dancing fiends and Justin's DJing was right on. He had my number all night long, yow. Great time, great, great time.


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Anonymous Dr John K Says:

Gripe-free coffee was fine: how else would we have discussed my neighbor Carson the Muskrat and compared apple tree issues?

Anonymous Dr John K Says:

Oh, and it's C.G.E. Mannerheim whose house is now a delightful museum in Helsinki.


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