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Sushi, Baby Gramps, and a Good Cause

Last night we joined Family Frog Taco for dinner at their favorite sushi place. Although Evan and Rona attended our wine party, the logistics of being hosts to more than 20 people at once meant that we didn't get much of a chance to hang out with them, and certainly not with Zoey who keeps growing up when we're not looking. The sushi was great, especially the Lion King Roll. This was a new addition to the menu and something we've never had before. Basically, a California roll topped with salmon, tobiko, and that gorgeous thick Japanese mayonnaise all put under the broiler until the salmon is cooked and the sauce is golden brown and bubbly. We licked the plate clean on that one.

After sushi we went back to FrogTaco HQ which I'd visited once (on the day a piano was being moved) and which Chris had never seen. Zoey was so funny with Chris I laughed until I cried. We had a really good time and it was great to see the house and hear about the recent family vacation to the Oregon coast.

After triple-checking that I wouldn't get lost in the dark on my way out of suburbia we hit the road and decided to swing by the Can Can for the Baby Gramps CD Release Party, which was due to be starting up exactly then. We'd seen Baby Gramps at the Can Can once before and he was on fire. Last time he had everyone in the place shouting out "fuck-a-doodle-doo!" and clapping their hands within minutes and this time was no different. They were joined by The Bad Things (whose music you can sample at their MySpace page... I recommend Kill). Where Baby Gramps scrabbles and scratches fiercely on his steel guitar and belts out vocals reminiscent of Popeye possessed by the spirit of some tantric-chanting monk (and who wouldn't want a live show of that?) The Bad Things are a seven-member ensemble who could probably be forced into the category of "gothic folk". They play everything: accordion, concertina, stand-up bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin, penny whistle, and even the saw. We had a ring-side seat right next to the tiny little stage (so small that some of the band members asked to use our table to put their drinks on) so we snapped a couple of photos of the show, which I've put up at Flickr.

In other news not about me, I'd like to remind people that Game Industry Luminary (and my dear friend) James Wallis has begun the first day of his 146-mile walk for charity. Read about it on his blog and view photos as he posts them along the way at his Flickr photostream. If you haven't already sponsored him, consider doing so now HERE. It's for a good cause.


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