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Free Wireless Hotspots at GenCon

I received e-mail from an unknown informant today. In any other circumstance I might have thought it was spam, but GenCon is a bit specific to be random spam. My informant is unknown to me but apparently feels I might be interested in knowing where free wireless hotspots can be found in Indianapolis while I'm there for GenCon. Thanks, Dr. Ho!

Doing my best to spread the word, I pass along the URL for the map:


There are no free hotspots in or near the Indiana Convention Center itself, and several of the hotspots look to me to be out of "gamer range" (having seen for myself over the years that many gamers are unwilling to move outside of about a three- or four-block radius of event center), but the closest free hotspots look to be at Alcatraz Brewing, the Arts Garden, Jillians, and at Monument Circle.

Hope that's useful to someone!


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Blogger Evan Says:

I clicked around a bit and found this link:


If it's legit then apparently Gen Con and ewireless made some sort of deal and attendees and exhibitors will get free passes to the limited wireless networks on that list. I believe there might be a couple other free hotspots relatively close to the convention center, but I guess I'll find out.


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