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GenCon Tursday

Great day! I'm personally having the best GenCon in years, I just feel really energized and "up" and happy to see everyone. I haven't done any other cons this year so I don't already feel burned out and tired (as I've felt by the time we got to GenCon in recent years). It's been so nice to catch up with all of our remote employees, our faithful and wonderful beyond measure freelancers and our most loyal fans.

Miscellaneous thoughts from the show floor:

* Jeff Tidball's new game, Pieces of Eight, rocks! I love it! I came back to the booth after playing in the demo and I just wanted to tell everyone how much fun I had. I hope it does gangbusters for them.

* I've been reading Gregor Hutton's blog for so long I'd completely forgotten his accent. Talking to him in person in the chaos of the dealer's hall I couldn't help laughing at myself for forgetting that, but it amused me so much that his real voice is nothing like the voice in my head when I read what he's written.

* In the same vein as the game "Band or Album", it's possible to play "Ass or Asperger's". Was that a guy with Asperger's or was he just an asshole? Comes up more often than you might think.

* I have far more lurkers reading my blog than I ever knew, including people I didn't think even knew who I was. A bit shocking, really.

* The Indianapolis Marriott treats me right. From turning down the beds for us and leaving chocolates on the pillow to making multiple trips to haul packages up from shipping to letting us know the weather report so we can prepare to be out in the rain, I have had no complaints about my hotel since I started staying here in the Indy Marriott. The boys tell me that the Embassy Suites is also quite nice. Peter promised to solve the "hotel issue" when he moved GenCon from Milwaukee and that promise has been fulfilled in spades.


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Blogger Cruel Buddha Says:

I love the Embassy Suites - and I remember you fondly mentioning the chocolate mints last year.

Damn, but I miss being there. :(

Blogger Nikchick Says:

We miss you, too.


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