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Weekend Round-Up

Thought about taking Kate to a Seafair concert/fireworks over the weekend but we ended up barbecuing with Ray and Christine on Saturday instead. It was a beautiful day for it. Sunday I was decadent and read most of Children of God, Mary Doria Russell's follow-up to The Sparrow. Warner Brother's has the film rights to The Sparrow and a movie adaptation is reportedly in the works for 2008, involving Brad Pitt. Considering the way things are left in the Sparrow and how those threads are picked up and tied off in Children of God, I'm having a hard time imagining the movie but the fact that anyone would even think about Brad Pitt as a possible actor for the role of the Puerto Rican Jesuit priest whose small stature and dark hair and eyes are constantly commented on in the book warns me off before I look any deeper anyway.

Taking the weekend for personal time and reading left me in a very zen state. I'm paying for my decadence now, however. In a couple of hours I will be on the road to bring Kate back to her dad's for the remainder of her summer visit. When I get back I will have one day to finish up all my Green Ronin pre-GenCon prep. Posting to the blog will be sparse and irregular until I return from Indianapolis on the 14th. On the 16th I roll into jury duty, so posting may continue to be unpredictable even after we're back in Seattle.


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Bring your laptop to jury duty. They have free wireless in the juror's room.


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