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GenCon Begins

Whew, yesterday was a whirlwind. Up before 3:00am to wait for Shuttle Express (having gone to bed after 12:30am, because I just can't get to bed early the night before a big trip), we flew to Indy via Phoenix, got in exactly on time, got checked into our hotel by 5:00 and started on the booth set-up. Unfortunately for the guys, I'd come up with a new booth layout this year, so we weren't just able to throw things together quite as fast as previous years, but I got it sorted out eventually and they were all great sports about getting things done. Then it was immediately off to get cleaned up and meet the folks from Black Industries for dinner by 7:00.

The food was good but the service was pleasant and funny but S L O W (although what did we expect, showing up to a restaurant with a group of 10 and no reservation?). We enjoyed all manner of Indian food, eventually, and it was good once it arrived. I joked to Dan Abnett that I was pleased we could offer them access to the national dish of England. "Oh, chicken tikka masala?" he said. "Chicken Tikka Masala? You like? It is good!" interjected the waiter, overhearing us. Indeed, it is #44 on the menu at India Garden should anyone be looking for it. Their paneer masala is gets the thumbs up from me.

Ironically, our table was virtually right next to a table of industry people who had invited me to dinner before the show. I'd had to beg off their invitation, only to then waltz into the restaurant with another group. Luckily, they're all good sports and I only got ribbed by two or three of my would-be hosts later. After dinner I mingled and enjoyed myself at the Diana Jones Awards, right up to the point where the bartender refused to take my drink order in spite of two different people saying to him "I think she was next," while I waited with drink ticket and money in hand. I decided that was a good time for me to leave and told Pramas to take me home or lose me forever. He decided to take me home. Heh.

Now it's off to finish up the booth set-up, including schlepping some unknown number of boxes from my hotel to the convention center. Apparently at least one printer ended up sending our air freight from China directly to me at my hotel instead of to the convention center itself. Nothing like a "brisk constitutional" of hauling boxes of heavy books around before breakfast to remind one that one is at GenCon. Woohoo!


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