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I've been seeing idea surfacing more and more: Impeach Bush

A group of protesters show up every Friday and stand on an overpass over I-5 north of Seattle towards Marysville holding signs for impeachment (they may be there every day for all I know, I only drive that way every other Friday). I've seen more bumper stickers and window signs. I've seen more ITMFA t-shirts. A plethora of websites on the topic exist: Impeachbush.tv, the Impeach Bush Coalition, Articles of Impeachment.net, The Four Reasons.org, Impeach PAC. Newspaper ads are appearing.

Someone who was on the 520 bridge when the Bush motorcade sailed through on its way to a Republican fund-raiser at some Microsoft VP's eastside mansion swears that as the line of cars pulled over to let the motorcade through every driver (and even bus passengers) opened windows to give the President the finger. That's one unpopular President. I wonder if anything will come of it.


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