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Evil Aliens

RJS, have I got a movie for you!

Last night was our night to hit one of the Seattle Film Festival's midnight shows. The show: that UK gore-fest Evil Aliens written and directed by Jake West. Bodily fluids by the bucketful flow, spew, spurt, and splat everywhere. From alien fetuses and anal probes to inbred Welsh farmers this movie was perfect, absolutely perfect, for the assembled midnight crowd.

Unsurprisingly, I saw many familiar faces at the show: Jim Lin, former Senior Vice-President of WotC R&D; Aron Anderson, owner of The Dreaming Comics & Games; fellow Minnesotan Erik Mona of Paizo and Super Unicorn fame. Yes, the geeks were out in force last night and it was good fun to be among them, gasping and cringing and applauding the blood-soaked merriment (to borrow a phrase from Ork! the Roleplaying Game).

I wouldn't say it's as good a film my favorite midnight show from SIFF 2005 (Night of the Living Dorks) but a good time was had nonetheless.


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