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Another Weekend Gone

Friday night Chris, Kate, and I had the honor of attending an otherwise family-only gathering to celebrate our young friend Emily's Bat Mitzvah. I met extended family including aunts, uncles, little cousins, grandparents, great-aunts and great-grandparents. Much food and drink and socializing, a lot of good humor, and a happy girl. As a child I longed for a big family, with aunts and uncles and cousins to trip over and debate with and come together with. I married into Chris's big Greek family and have been adopted into the extended families of my friends. I'm so thankful whenever they want to share their happy times with us.

Saturday was a very low-key day. Chris was off playing board games for much of the day so Kate and I played a little of her Nancy Drew computer game together and caught up on TiVo. I finally watched the Netflix disk that's been sitting at the end of my bed for two months waiting for me and napped and tried to get up the energy to start the household projects that desperately needed my attention. It took me most of the day to clue in that I wasn't just feeling lazy but I was headachy and feeling like I was coming down with something. Sunday was more of the same, though with more bouts of sleeping. We only left the house to do some grocery shopping because it was necessary (out of coffee and bread and Diet Coke, the milk had expired, and short of making bean burritos there was nothing I could throw together for a quick dinner). We ended up getting Ezell's for dinner. I may not be able to fry chicken like my grandma used to do but Ezell's makes a good Sunday dinner (without all the mess).

So far the weather this month has been entirely too cold and rainy for my taste. Sure, there have been sunny breaks, a couple of nice days...but I want sunshine and I want to be able to go to the store without worrying about needing to bring a jacket. I'm ready. Summer, get on with it already!!


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