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Full Moon, Crazy Drivers

Saturday night after seeing OSS 117: Nest of Spies we had more than three hours to kill before the midnight show. We had dinner with Ray, Christine, and Carol at this little bento box place on the Ave, but they started turning off the lights and making to kick us out before 10:00. (Not that I can blame them, I think they actually close at 9:00 but they served us anyway.) With two hours to kill, and the Pomminger clan heading home, Chris and I tried to decide what to do with our time. I decided to head back to the house for a while, since we were car-enabled for once. As we were driving home we passed the Amazon.com building, with the full moon hanging huge and orange-yellow just above it (ala Joe Versus the Volcano). Imagine this, at night, with a huge full moon just overhead:

On the way back to the U District for the movie, I was brutally cut-off or nearly run into on the freeway (at 65 mph) twice in the span of less than five minutes. Hell, more like in the span of less than three minutes. Both times I had to lay on the horn, slam on the brakes and swerve to avoid being hit.

After the movie let out and we were making our way back to the neighborhood, I was once again tooling along down the freeway and said to Chris that I really liked driving the freeway when traffic was light. (A rare occurence in Seattle.) Within a minute, I was exiting the freeway and heading down the off-ramp when I see a pair of headlights coming UP the off-ramp right at me. Once again, horn, brakes, swerving around to avoid a head-on collision with some jackass trying to drive the wrong way down the off-ramp.

Not sure what it was making people go nutty on the freeway that night, but we're currently blaming it on the full moon. I'm just pleased that we didn't die in a horrible car accident. Totally not the way I want to go out.


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