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Rabbit Rescue Update

I found a vet not too far from me in West Seattle willing to take care of my rescued bunny. I handed her over to their care. When I peeked in on her in the carrier, she seemed to be much recovered (having had a quiet, mostly dark, enclosed space in which to rest and get her wits back) but subdued. They asked me if I wanted to keep her after they'd treated her, but unfortunately I just can't add another rabbit (especially a feral one) to my household.

I was jolted awake last night by a cat fight nearby. I'm still haunted by the rabbit's screams and the sounds of the cat fight made me startle awake and then filled me with fear and fury. I was instantly afraid it was that big grey tom back again to stalk our brown bunny's white-and-brown friend. I feared that "Fudgy" was back in my yard, looking for his friend. I opened the front door and the back door, peering out into the darkness but saw nothing. No cats or rabbits.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a sap.


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