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Ten Voicemails

I have ten voicemails waiting for my attention.

I've been at the computer since 5:30 this morning. I ate breakfast and lunch at my desk. I've received around 300 e-mail messages today, written 46, answered three private messages from various forums, posted a handful of responses to our message boards, printed 10 orders, and participated in an hour-long conference call with England.

I've played three games of Snoodoku.

My daughter just walked in the door from school, whistling, claimed the last piece of cherry pie for herself and plopped down in front of the TV.

I'm halfway through my first glass of red wine for the night. The voicemail will have to wait.


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Blogger Ramsey Says:

What if one of those voicemails is Ed McMahon calling to tell you that you've won a million dolllars?!

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Everyone knows he shows up unannounced at your house, in a minivan with balloons and a camera to show off how frumpy you look! ;P

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I saw him on an infomercial for something else recently. He opened with the line: "There are two roads to retirement security. You can sit around the house waiting for some celebrity to ring your doorbell and give you an oversized cheque for millions of dollars. Or you can buy term life insurance from [whatever the company name was."


Blogger John Says:

Hmm you only answered 46 of the 300 e-mails! What are you slacking! lay of the vino and get to work! :-p

And I thought I worked to hard! WHEW!!!

on a side not my 6 and a 1/2 yr. old runs up to me with his 5 pounds of chance in a jar and says Daddy! do I have enought to go to GenCon with you!

How could I resist looks like I am taking my sone Nikolai with me! Yeah we will all have fun!

Best of luck Nikchick.


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