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Summer's End

Even though we can officially squeeze a few more days of summer onto the calendar, the truth is that autumn has its hold on us for a few weeks now. As Kate put it, "Someone turned off the summer switch." Despite what some folks say about Seattle weather, what I love about it is the way the seasons change with the calendar, right on schedule give or take a couple of weeks. On the first day of spring the grass is green, the trees and flowers are blooming, the dull grey of winter has given way to longer days and color everywhere. Same with autumn: the leaves are beginning to turn, days are still comfortably warm while night falls earlier, brisk and damp.

As a kid, summer was always my favorite season. Heat and sunshine, a visit to the lake, fishing and swimming and riding my bike, reading books upon books checked out from the library, freedom from math quizzes and bullies. Summer was the best. Now summer is a blur, an endless slog through constant travel and a series of conventions, nights and weekends too often completely devoured by work or being too drained to do anything but lie around listlessly and dreading the next thing (be it project or convention) hurtling toward us. In three weeks we're having the Green Ronin Summit here in Seattle, two weeks after that it's the Alliance Open House in Ft. Wayne, then November holds a probable trip to England and then GenCon SoCal. Autumn doesn't really hold anything less in the way of deadlines, projects, or travel and yet getting through the summer slog still feels like relief.

We celebrated the last weekend of summer in style, at R&C's making grilled pizzas on their bigass grill and celebrating R's birthday. Saw John and Jenny, who we hadn't seen in months because they're both busy all the time, too. Summer used to be the time to see all my friends, if not at home then at conventions. Now as fewer and fewer friends stay in the business, summer is one big interruption. As a kid I couldn't understand how anyone couldn't just love summer; today, I say bring on autumn!


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