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Still not one of the cool kids

It was my anniversary yesterday. It was also the night I had to drop Kate off with her dad, which cut into any time I might have been able to go out and enjoy some nightlife. Instead, Pramas helped me take the first batch of orders for Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition to the post office and thankfully we got the good natured guy who didn't mind processing a giant stack of Global Express and Global Priority Mail packages.

After dropping Kate off with her dad, I went to the only restaurant near the drop-spot that's of a quality greater than Denny's, the Outback Steakhouse, for dinner. Completely regretted it because I have both lamb and pork tenderloin at home that would have been better than the "Jackaroo Chops" I finally settled on. They weren't poorly prepared, they just turned out to be not what I wanted.

From there it was off to see Serenity, because I could. I'll probably get into spoilers in the comments of this entry, if there are any comments, but I'll leave this main commentary spoiler free. There were parts of the movie that were really well done, where I was engaged and interested. At other parts, I was bored and restless. Unlike the hardcore fans who have universally told me the movie was great, I found the characters to be too thin for my liking. I simultaneously wanted more and less. I enjoyed the clever bits, I didn't see one of the twists coming, but other things that I've seen other fans call "badass" I actually found trite and hollow. Oh, and then there was the hardcore family of Serenity geeks in their full fan gear who brought the four year old and toddler to the movie. Let's just say the toddler didn't enjoy the Reavers... dumbasses.

This weekend and the rest of next week will be a combination of preparing for the Green Ronin Summit next weekend and getting the next several batches of mail orders out. There are a hell of a lot of orders to ship. Someone on the boards actually asked if I had "my lackey" pack the orders. Ha haha haha. Lackey. Right.


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