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Angry Mother Earth

My friend in Houston is preparing to take her three kids and seek refuge with her sister in Dallas. I can't help thinking of all those displaced victims of Katrina, still trying to get their feet under them, while another hurricane looms over their temporary homes.

Meanwhile, another friend linked to this January 2005 article about the likelihood of a Pacific Northwest Megathrust Earthquake. We've made the top ten list! The same site also has an article about the Mystery Bulge in Oregon Still Growing. That's right, a "mystery bulge" in the earth's crust, which they think is a large amount of magma, "magma that...is equal in size to a lake 1 mile across and 65 feet deep...rising 10 feet each year, under tremendous pressure, and it deforms the Earth's surface as it expands, causing the bulge."


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Blogger Alan Kellogg Says:

There's another bulge under Yellowstone, Nevada has a spreading center, and Asia is in the process of breaking up even as North Africa slams into southern Europe.

As Carol King once sang, "I feel the earth move under my feet." :)

Blogger yuvakuran Says:


hi! from the other of the global village.


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