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Radio Silence

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. We had our Green Ronin staff summit Friday through Monday, combined with ongoing internet access problems that even having three or four competing geeks couldn't solve. Interestingly, the internet problems seemed to go away after the staff left (and I successfully connected to both the wired and wireless networks last night).

I will not lie, I'm utterly exhausted. The summit was all manners of fun, it's always great to see everyone outside of a convention environment. I was able to tour Rob (who'd never been here) around seattle a bit, and reintroduce Hal and Steve to our favorite restaurants. As the only driver, I was responsible for shuttling the out-of-towners to meeting locations, restaurants, and back to their hotel every day, and I hosted two dinners and a brunch at the house. (I waited until the vegetarian had returned home to bust out with the bacon-wrapped meatloaf, or footloaf as it has come to be called around here since last Halloween's extravaganza.) Hal and Steve had late flights so we had an extra day with them to take them around Seattle a bit more, and eventually out to Snoqualmie Falls, where we trekked the steep path to the bottom and struggled our way up again just as it was beginning to actually rain instead of Seattle-style "heavy mist". Next time we have a summit, I hope we can schedule something that allows us to go to a hotel on the peninsula or the Columbia Gorge or something suitably scenic, because there's more to the Seattle area than wireless networks and coffee joints and it would be nice to share that with our out of town staff when they make the effort to come all the way here.

I slept a full night last night for the first time in a week. I'd fallen into a horrible pattern of sleeping for a few hours and then waking up at 4am, which only led to more exhaustion. Last night I woke but was able to fall back asleep almost immediately. I might still be sleeping, but there is work to be done and a deadline for doing it.

Today it's back to filling mail orders, chasing past due invoices, and nailing down the specifics of all those scheduling and process-related decisions we made at the summit, just as soon as I return the rented van and figure out what asshole sent something I have to go to the PO Box and stand in line to sign for...


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