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No Work

Last night we hooked up with R&C and watched Kung Fu Hustle. Good fun! Stayed out far too late.

For breakfast I had biscuits from a can. Finally, my craving has been sated.

I'm leaving to go downtown to the Cheese Festival in about an hour. Christine and Bill are meeting me there and after we're done revelling in cheese, we're going to have some cocktails and then hit Bill's nephew's performance in his high school play.

I'm going to be with friends. I'm going to talk about food, drinks, politics, high school drama performances, Geoffrey's graduation party, the weather, the health of friends' cats and the quality of Seattle-area veterinarians, our next cooking club meet-up, perhaps even the ongoing successes (or failures) of Netdix. I'm not going to talk or think about gaming, gamers, game design, game industry associations, game distributors, game retailers, cocksucking fulfillment houses, or the market for games.


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