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Future Projects

I am considering writing up a few ďabout meĒ essays but I feel a bit shy about it. I find myself mulling the topics as I go about my other activities, especially when driving. I swear, if I could find an effective way to write and drive Iíd be a happy, happy girl. Iíve titled the stories and refer to them to myself by their titles, like The Day I Decided to Die, Your ĎNiceí Neighbor Grabbed My Tits, How I Discovered Grandma was a Racist, I Divorced My Husband and No He Didnít Beat Me and My Relationship with Anger.

I guess Iím putting this up to spur myself on.


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Blogger Jason Says:

I'm looking forward to reading the stories that go with those provocative titles.

Blogger Toren Q Atkinson Says:

I have a similar problem where I come up with some great ideas for blog entries while I'm walking home from Marlo's place, but when I get home I've got more important things to do. Bleargh.


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