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In other news...

SIN CITY is not for kids, asshole!

Last night Kate was at a sleepover, so we adults went out to see Sin City. Three men came in with three young boys and the boys sat in front of me, one adult on the aisle and two in the next row up. At one point in the movie the man on the aisle was snoring.

Meanwhile these little boys, all of them Kate's age or younger (!!) sat through an orgy of stylized sex and violence. Sex scenes, murders, titties, violent beatings, blood (in all its cartoon colors), beheadings, cannibalism, torture, you name it.

What the hell were these men thinking? Did they not know what Sin City was about? (Did the title not give it away?) If they made a mistake in choosing this movie for their sons (thinking perhaps that it was going to be like Spiderman or The Hulk since it's based on a "comic book") why, WHY let them sit through the whole two-hours of violence and gore once it became clear that this was no kiddie show? Or maybe they really didn't think there was anything wrong with having their kids there, in which case I cry for those poor boys and fear for my daughter having live with them among her peers in society.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Christopher and I noticed the same thing when we went to see Constantine: parents who brought their 3-4 year-old kid with them!

Now, while it was no Sin City, Constantine was still too scary and violent for a little kid, if you ask me (plus it was lame, but that's beside the point...)

I keep coming back to another line of Keanu Reeves' from Parenthood "You need a license to own a dog, but they'll let any asshole be a parent." How true.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Same thing here, but our movie was South Park.


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Best guess, the 3yo in Constantine has less to do with thinking it was okay for a kid, and more to do with "We want to see this movie but we're too deluded/selfish/cheap to hire a babysitter..."

I run into far too many young couples that think they can still do all of the things they used to pre-kid and refuse to make any adjustments to reflect their change in status.

Blogger Toren Q Atkinson Says:

I wouldn't be surprised if of all the parents in the world, bad parents comprise about 85%, the other 15% good. And no, there are no 'neutral' parents.

Blogger J.D. Says:

It seems to me that you need to be careful when buying drugs.

Anyhow: I'm always shaking my head that parents won't let their children watch Star Wars or The Wizard of Oz, but you're spot-on here.

When I first saw Peter Jackson's Helms Deep, I was shocked to be sitting in front of a six-year-old and her father. A six-year-old!?! That movie was way too violent for a kid so young. And, worse, she asked questions the whole way through...


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