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Lack of Focus

I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to do with my online journal these days. Many things that I want to talk about, and get feedback on, I feel I can't offer up to the great wide world at large. Who knows who is reading this thing sometimes, I certainly don't. I don't want my personal journal to end up linked to Gaming Report as a "news item". I want to talk about projects I'm working on, but feel I can't in good conscience reveal details to, for example, certain of my competitors who have proven themselves to be adversarial, back-stabbing, predatory fucking assholes without a shred of common decency... you know, just for example. It's hard for me to talk about a guy who screwed us over and put not only his own project at risk but the larger plans for our entire company through the cascading effects of his actions when that guy reads my journal and, even without naming names, mentioning the incident is going to exacerbate an already tense situation. No, there's no joy for the journal there.

My daily life is bland and unnoteworthy; writing about my daily chores, what I'm eating, watching, reading, or doing ("Yes, folks, I vacuumed the bedroom, yay me!") is barely worth the trouble for me to record and seems even less likely to make compelling reading. And yet, I like to read the weblogs of my friends who write about their mundane lives, and I wouldn't want them to stop. I like learning about Zoey's first steps, or JD's search for a pastoral life and would be sorry to see them go away.

I'm no less pissed off about the state of politics and the current rule of the country. Florida, in particular, leaves me shaking my fist in impotent rage on a regular basis. We're marching toward a country ruled by single party theocracy, where far too many people think it's ok to make loyalty to a political party and their platform the criteria for keeping your job, membership in your church, or even access to your elected officials (linking to commondreams.org because the Denver Post original article isn't easily accessible). But I am, as the Onion so rightly called it during the election, suffering from outrage fatigue. I'm so disgusted I can't even summon the energy for a good rant about it, and besides, there are plenty of bloggers out there who are more plugged in and who do it better. Who needs to hear my cries in the wilderness at this point?

I'm still mulling over where I want to apply my focus with this thing. I'm no Dooce, no LJC, no Tastingmenu, no TalkingPointsMemo. I'm no Grubbstreet, or BruceCordell. Hell, I'm not even WWDN for the geeky gamer girl set. Meanwhile, while I mull over why the hell I'm here, maybe each of you could indulge me and tell me why the hell you're here. What is Nikchick.com (or its LJ twin) to you?


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Well, since you asked...

I'm "here" (so to speak) because I like you a great deal, and pretty much always have. I don't get to hear from you unless it's con season, and then we're both busy.

I think you're an engaging, fascinating person, as mysterious and unknowable as the best haiku. (You might be surprised how much of that comes through in your blog.)

You may not feel any need to post that today was vaccuuming day, and I fully understand why. But speaking just for me, reading that is still worth my time because it lets me know you're doing OK. That's all I ever want for the people I care about.

There may not be a formal Nicole Lindroos Fan Club (and if there is, I want to be president, goddamit), but I think you might be pleasantly amazed at how many people wish you nothing but the best. Your blog is my one way of knowing when I get that wish.

I hope this helped. I'm going to go off and think some more good thoughts for you (Hey, I'm Southern and Scottish--it's what I do...when I'm not engaging in generations-long blood feuds, that is).

All the best from your pal,
Christopher McGlothlin, M.Ed.

Blogger Rona Says:

I love reading about the non-gaming part of your life! I love hearing about the latest outings, the places you've been, the wonderful dishes you've tasted, and the movies/tivo you've seen. I am especially looking forward to when the farmer's market opens again and you and Kate (er, Katherine - or is that phase over?) go shopping and create exotic yet simple meals together. I am looking forward to hearing about the fruits and vegetables of your garden.

And yes, I even enjoy hearing about the cleaning and organizing you do as it inspires me to do some of the same. And then we both have clean homes!

And Nik, Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I read the web logs of you and some other folks that I only get to see at convention time because it helps keep me in touch with you, your family, and the industry; I can feel isolated out here in freelancer-ville.

I think you've done a pretty good job in the past of balancing the amount of rage you can reveal to the world at large and the amount of information you have to keep to yourself for competitive and other reasons. But I think one of the reasons you've had less to say of late is that you're no longer involved in some of the public ventures you used to be (GAMA, the Origins Awards, the election), leaving you only with the mundane or the confidential to talk about, with the obvious problems both of those bring.

So keep the recipes coming for the foodies, the quizzes for the quizlings, the Kate stories for the mommies club (and happy Mother's Day to you while we're there) and associated daddies, and you'll keep the majority of your audience tuned in. And if you don't have any industry outrage to share, then up the rubbing shoulders with the movers & shakers aspect to keep the gamies interested.


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Others have said it before me, and better than me, but I am here because you are my friend.

That being said, perhaps there is a way to run a seperate blog that is password protected? That way you have an outlet for your "bitchier moments" and for things you don't want to be public knowledge. Perhaps a silly idea, perhaps not.

Steve Nicewarner

Blogger Evan Says:

I'm here because when I see you I mostly hear all the stuff you can't post, and I need balance.

But also I simply enjoy reading your witty stories about cooking, mad cleaning sprees, and complicated carless trips running errands, peppered with intelligent political insights on topics I used to be a lot more informed and passionate about.

It's also nice to get your perspective on parenting from someone further down that path than I.

But maybe instead of wondering what we want to read, you might change your perspective and wonder what you'll want to look back on and remember in the future, or what you want Kate to be able to read about someday after her surly teenage years when she wants to reconnect with you.

We'll come along for the ride, whether you're writing about migraines, Kate's hippy school, fighting (or not fighting) the city about your busted car, or wrecking your body putting flooring in the garage attic. The mundane posts add as much value as the profound.

Blogger Rob L. Says:

I read because you & Mr. XTAREBEL are friends and because I'm a big slacker when it comes to staying in touch.

Blogger Will Says:

I come for an electronic imitation of social contact, to commiserate and to learn. You have numerous interests outside mine, and I'm more rounded for reading about them. More than that, you have faced and survived many problems that I'm facing now (or should expect to face), and I like the edge I get in reading about your experiences.

It may not feel like it from where you are, but you've "made it." You've got the job and the family and all that, and you did it young despite all the hurdles. If I'm not smarter for reading your blog, that's my fault. I am certainly better informed.

Mostly, though, I read it 'cause it's enjoyable to keep up with Joneses and because your links list keeps me from having to remember all those URLs.


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