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This is what I bought in my foray to the bookstore yesterday.

Read most of it standing in lines the rest of the afternoon, and finished it up on the train.

Like Maus with head scarves.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I was given a copy of the book by an Iranian friend and it was tough reading it, as it really is very much like her life. It follows her own experience very closely (she came to Canada, not France) and I wept. She has just given me the sequel and I'm readying myself to read it now.


Blogger Nikchick Says:

I loved the book, not only because of its glimpse inside a culture I know so little about, but because the author didn't shy away from the ambiguities all around her. So often I'm disappointed in reading about people's lives because they either portray themselves as if they were born with one rock-solid set of beliefs and were, from infancy, perfect specimens without foibles or contradictions.


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