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Post-Election Playlist

I'm wrung out and don't really have much to contribute today, but if you want inside my head a little, here's what I've been listening to:

Anti-Flag: You Can Kill The Protestor But You Can't Kill The Protest

The Avengers: We Are the One

Bad Religion: Modern Man

Big Boys: We're Not In It To Lose

Bikini Kill: Don't Need You

Black Flag: Rise Above

Circle Jerks: World Up My Ass

Descendents: 'Merican

The Dicks: Anti-Klan (Part 1)

The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy: California über alles

Dropkick Murphys: Do Or Die

Green Day: American Idiot

Joe Strummer and the Long Beach Dub All Stars: The Harder They Come

Less Than Jake: Look What Happened

Misson of Burma: That's When I Went for My Revolver

Moby & Public Enemy: Make Love Fuck War (Dirty Version)

Nick Lowe: The Beast In Me

Nirvana: Rape Me

NoFX: Idiots Are Taking Over

Oi Polloi: Boot Down The Door

Operation Ivy: Unity

Pansy Division: Political Asshole

The Proletariat: Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses

The Queers: This Place Sucks

Screeching Weasel: Get Off My Back

The Specials: Stand Up

Subhumans: America Commits Suicide

Terrible Twins: Generation of Scars

Throwing Muses: Civil Disobedience

I tried to make this an iMix on iTunes, but they only sell 10 of the 30 songs, so it just wasn't the same and I decided to skip it.


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Blogger J.D. Says:

I think of Bush whenever I hear "American Idiot".

Kris has been in a bad way since Tuesday night, crying and combative. I wanted to make a pre-election CD mix, but didn't get around to it. Maybe I should make a post-election mix...

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I feel for Kris very much. I've not been weeping like I did the first time around with Bush, but not because I'm any less upset. I fear it's not going to be possible to recover from the damage this asshole does to the environment, the economy, the value of the dollar, relations with the world, the way he's likely to cement the ultra-conservativeness of the courts... at least not in my lifetime. What kind of world is Kate going to inherit?

I feel like I've been condemned. Be gentle with Kris.


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