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Pumpkins, that is. Kids came by and smashed our pumpkins while we were out. Kate was prepared to be brutally upset, but the smashers turned out to be unthorough and the chose to slaughter the Big Cyclops and Jack O'Lantern and but left the Phoenix and Baby Cyclops unscathed Bruce B. posted photos of the pre-smashed contestants in last night's carving contest. Frankenpumpkin and Little Unibrow went home with their carvers. Let's hope they were spared from any pumpkin genocide in their neighborhood.


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Blogger d_shentay Says:

I have not had the nerve yet to go out front and see if my Cthulhu, vampire elf, and Marie's Teen Titan (Star Fire) have been smashed to pieces by the careless or the jealous yet.
Roll damage for jack-o-lantern. Ooff!

Blogger Spike Y Jones Says:

We didn't have any smashed, but we did have one stolen. Out of about 8, not bad.


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