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Can it be?

My Boston-born sweetie's response? "Surely there's an Olympic panel that's going to come take it away or something." Enjoy it, I say. I still have quite fond memories of being in Minnesota in 1991. The fact that the Minnesota I loved triumphed over the Atlanta I'd just flipped the finger to and washed my hands of is still sweet all these years later.


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Blogger Will Says:

You're making me very afraid of Atlanta with these last two posts, Nicole...

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Sorry man, didn't mean to scare ya. Surely I've told the story of how, to "celebrate" my 21st birthday, my "friend" took me out for dinner and whatnot and spent the whole night berating me for being such a "bleeding heart liberal" and sharing every hackneyed story about how they knew a friend who was disadvantaged by affirmative action or their brother's wife's cousin was a professional welfare fraud and how dare people be allowed to buy steak with foodstamps, blah, blah, blah? It was like a fucking conservative intervention or something.

No, Atlanta was an ok place to live. It would have been better if all of us weren't trying to live and work in the same house, or if half of us didn't hate each others' guts, or even if the promises of ownership in the company had been fulfilled. Hell, if I hadn't had to have a job on the side at the Winn Dixie, I might have enjoyed any number of things that Atlanta had to offer, even for a Yankee liberal like me.

It's nearly a totally different crew (five times over) that works down there now. I'm sure it will be totally different for you. And there is something nice about being out on a beautiful sunny day and thinking "We should have a barbecue for Thanksgiving."


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