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Heads Up, West Coast Board Gamers

This just arrived in my mailbox and I'm passing the word along for those who are interested.


Premiere Annual Los Angeles Event

October 29, 2004 CAMARILLO, CA: Name of the Game,
LLC is proud to announce the creation of the West
Coast Board Gaming Championships hosted by CONQUEST
LA, the newest Los Angeles tabletop gaming convention.

These championships are the first of their kind being
held on the west coast, servicing the vibrant board
game communities from Seattle to San Francisco to San
Diego, and as far east as Denver.

The West Coast Board Gaming Championships is the
premiere event at Conquest LA, being held on the
weekend of February 18-21, 2005, at the beautiful Los
Angeles International Airport (LAX) Marriott Hotel,
which boasts over 1000 sleeping rooms and about 40,000
square feet of convention space.

To date, major sponsors include Mayfair Games, Rio
Grande Games, and Final Fantasy Games, with plans
being finalized with other major board game
manufacturers like Uberplay, Eagle Games, Days Of
Wonder, Avalanche Press and more.

Prizes and trophies will be awarded to winners of each
of the championships with tournament fees being waived
for all four-day attendees of Conquest LA. Further, to
facilitate those traveling to the championships,
Conquest LA will be offering its "Stay for Three, Play
for Free" program which reimburses those four-day
attendees who stay at the LAX Marriott for three
nights the price of their four day pass, in exhibitor
hall dollars.

About Name of the Game, LLC

We are a company of California gamers who are looking
for ways to create terrific events for people to have
a great time at while pursuing their hobby of gaming.
The Name of the Game, LLC owns and operates Conquest,
now called Avalon, held each Labor Day weekend in the
San Francisco area, and now looks forward to bringing
a great new convention to the Los Angeles area with
Conquest-LA, each and every Presidents Day Weekend.
For more information see our web site at

Name of the Game, LLC Media Contact
Gabriel "Mondo" Vega


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