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Joy of Cooking

Ah, my kitchen, how I love it. I've missed it all this long summer. It seems that 3 weeks out of four in the summer I'm either preparing for a convention (too busy too cook...who wants a dirty kitchen on top of packing, product prep, filling last minute mail orders?), attending a convention (desperately seeking culinary delights, or just a latte that won't make me gag), or recovering from a convention (have been gone for a week or more, and returned home to sour milk, withered greens, over-ripe fruit) and my kitchen gets short shrift. Add to that summer heat, barbecues with friends, and it's sadly predictable that I've been extremely lackluster in the kitchen.

Last night I went straight for the comfort food: hamburger stroganoff, 1960s style (ground beef and onions, mushrooms, a can of cream of chicken soup, and some sour cream, served over noodles). Tonight, with the kitchen drought broken, it was Sesame Noodles with Shredded Chicken, recently featured on America's Test Kitchen. The recipe was also printed in Cook's Illustrated this month, and it was indeed as good as they claimed it would be.

Followed up with a cool Moscow Mule over ice. Mmmm, my kitchen welcomes me home.


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