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GenCon Wrap-up

GenCon wears me out.

For the first time in years, we shared our room with friends and I had to deal with people coming in and out at all hours. One guy comes in at 2:00am or 3:00am, another guy needs to get up and has his alarm set for 5:30am, and I try to sleep in the hours between. It's been a very long time since that's been a concern for me at GenCon.

The GAMA meeting was lame, time consuming but mild and uncontentious.

Saturday and Sunday were great days for us, and we posted our best GenCon ever. The booth looked like locusts had descended upon it by the time the day was done, and with the help of our guys we managed to get the booth completely packed up and everything on a pallet in one hour flat.

I spent far too little time with friends, though we did have a great post-GenCon GR dinner at Palomino. Kate and I went back to the hotel room and went swimming/hot tubbing before I tried to put her to bed. I'd intended to get her off to sleep and slip downstairs to join the guys at the hotel bar, but Kate was anxious about being in the room and didn't want me to leave, so I didn't.

Before leaving Indy Monday, I slipped off to the zoo with the Joneses where Miranda and Kate got to witness Bodily Function Day with elephants, horses, llamas, penguins and rhinos producing prodigious amounts of waste before their very eyes. Hilarity ensued (if you're in the 8-8.5 year old age range).

Not only was Ryan Dancey on my return flight, but on the second leg (from Minneapolis to Seattle) he was IN MY ROW. We did not speak, though there was an unpleasant instant of eye contact during some turbulence. What are the fucking odds?


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Blogger Evan Says:

At least (unless I haven't yet heard the story) you weren't escorted off the plane by security... Surely that would have sucked more than even dancitude.

Blogger Aaron Says:

Sorry about the 5:30AM alarm clock!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I appreciated getting coffee Saturday, even if it did last much longer than the coffee did. (My wife's comment: "At least SWE only had a fiscal crisis.")

As for repeatedly running into R.D. over the weekend, you must have had some karmic debt come due this month or something.

John K.

Blogger Toren Q Atkinson Says:

I don't believe in karma but if I did I would say something like 'hey you can't win all those delicious ENnies AND have tremendous sales (congratulations on both, by the way) without having something craptastic to balance it out'

But, like I said - I don't believe in karma.

Blogger Vertigogirl Says:

Theo and I loved getting the chance to share not one but two meals with you at Gen Con. It's a great reminder of how many good friends we've made through the gaming community.

Sorry you had to sit near that clown on the plane, though. I wish I'd been there to "accidentally" spill my hot coffee on his lap or something.


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