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Julia Child 1912-2004

Julia Child died in her sleep yesterday at the age of 91. Every American chef, gourmand, and epicure owes her a great deal, whether they recognize it or not.

"What's dangerous and discouraging about this era is that people really are afraid of their food. Sitting down to dinner is a trap, not something to enjoy. People should take their food more seriously. Learn what you can eat and enjoy it thoroughly."

Not in this house, never in this house!


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Blogger Rob L. Says:

Plus she was in the OSS! How cool is that?!?

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Pramas loves that Julia "stuck it to the Nazis." No other hosts of nationally televised cooking shows can say that (I can imagine tought guy Tony Bourdain making a go of it, but Emeril? Bobby Flay? Disgustingly perky Rachael Ray? Bah!).


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