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GenCon Day 1

We've been in Indianapolis for a couple of days, but today was Day 1 of the convention. First impressions:

Holy cow, are there a lot of people! The Green Ronin booth was swamped, just SWAMPED with people when the exhibit hall opened. In the time it took me to run out to the (admittedly long lines at the) coffee kiosk, we ran through all of our opening-day change and the staff were puling out their personal wallets to dig out ones and fives as I returned with coffee and danish for everyone.

Dracula's Revenge demos are running constantly and people seem to be enjoying the game. Other hot sellers are The Red Star, Torches & Pitchforks, and Foes of Freedom. We've sold several Green Ronin Satchels, which I look forward to putting up on the website.

Dave, our roomie, did NOT hike the Apalachian Trail: that was Dan. This explains why Dave is not erxhibiting the signs of having a life-changing experience that I was mistakenly associating with him.

Ryan Dancey does indeed have the biggest balls in gaming: how he can even walk with balls that big is a mystery to me. I ran into him TWICE today, while completely missing people who I actually had any desire to see.

Mikado, the Japanese place a block or two from the Hyatt, has the slowest service outside of Milwaukee that I've yet experienced. The slow service was so slow that our 7:30 reservation was seated at 7:50, meaning Chris left before drink orders were even taken (to make his 8:00 super-secret Warhammer 2E playtest), but he didn't miss much. 2.5 hours later, mediocre food was indeed delivered. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't superb either, and definitely not worth the wait. Funnily enough, the last terrible meal like this I had was (like this time) with the Joneses, at Maders in Milwaukee at another GenCon. Tired, starving kids and slow, slow service make for cranky mommies.


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Blogger BeK Says:

Ah, I remember Mikado...we walked in, sat down, looked at the prices, walked back out. Felt bad at the time, but I don't anymore!

So, did you and Ryan have a nice chat?

Oh, and good luck tonight!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Yeah, good luck for the ENnies Nik. I'm really hoping the Nocturnals book gets something -- Dan will be thrilled if it does. (I've also got a homer pick in a/state but it's got tough competition.)

Enjoy the show!

A eunuch with balls. Whatever next!

Gregor Hutton
(Nocturnals webmaster and a/state editor)


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