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The Last Weekend of Summer

This is, for all intents and purposes, the last weekend of summer for us. Tomorrow Kate returns from her summer visitation with her Dad and Tuesday we leave for GenCon. After GenCon, there are a couple of weekends before school starts in Seattle, but days will be full of preparations as we try to wrangle Kate back into a school-day schedule and keep her from tearing the house apart (building forts on the stairs, holding 'picnics' in the living room with every stuffed animal in the house, etc.).

I've been a bit crazy, taking advantage of the "last chances" (though they're largely psychological) and Thursday Chris and I finally hit a happy hour at The Brooklyn (mmm, oysters and appletinis!) before he took off to play a minis battle.

Friday it was a big party at R&C's in honor of C's best friend David's 50th birthday. It was quite the bash! Got to see mutual friends Mitch & Robin for the first time in three years: they're looking great and it was great to see them. Also got to meet many of Christine's Chicago-area friends and hear fascinating stories of their travels and brushes with fame. After everyone else hit the road to head home, night-owls Ray, Tynes, and Pramas were still going strong so we headed out for late-night eats at the Pomodoro. Though their posted hours are until 2am on Fridays, they were having a slow night when we arrived (only one couple mooning over each other in the far corner) and had already closed the kitchen. They reopened for us happily, and later explained, "We're not Germans after all! We're Spanish/Italian. What's an hour more or an hour less. Our customers understand this."

Yesterday, Chris had to crack down and get some work done, in prep for being away at GenCon for a week. I joined a few others at Chez Pominger for grilled sausages, cocktails, and XBox. Good fun just relaxing around their spacious house. I love how everyone makes themselves at home there: when I arrived, Bill was watching the Adam West Batman movie downstairs, Chris was lounging in the front room reading, young Master Jeffrey was amusing himself learning a new XBox game, Ray was in the kitchen getting the sausages ready. Home away from home.

This afternoon we'll be heading out to Chateau Codrus for yet more grilled meat and libations. Great weather for it, sunny but not brutally hot as it's been too often recently. Must force myself not to stay too terribly late, though, because I have GenCon prep to finish and I have to be up stupid early to collect Kate from her dad. Now I'm signing off, because I've got to prepare the dry rub for the several pounds of ribs I'm contributing to the BBQ.


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